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Costume National Scents was born in 2001 in the fashion heart of the brand created in 1986 by Ennio Capasa, capable of combining the magic of Japanese minimalism with Italian sartorial mastery. A timeless brand that has been marking the olfactory direction of the great artistic perfumery for over twenty years, combining knowledge, knowledge, passion, and love for the creation of olfactory worlds always capable of making the soul vibrate.


A refined and precious blend of natural and rare elements, largely from the prestigious LMR laboratory in Grasse, are the beginning of our creative journey: the spicy character of cardamom, the heart of patchouli, the lustre of mother-of-pearl hibiscus, the mystery of oud wood, the depth of geranium, the demureness of lavender, and then ambergris, oriental rose, rice powder, orange blossom...The seduction of our fragrances reaches evocation before reason.

Raw Materials


Costume National Scents’ aesthetic is embodied in the iconic shape of the bottle, which has been sculpted in plaster by the creator himself. It is a manifesto of style, beauty and art – the core values of Costume National. 

An olfactive drawing that becomes matter.
Creative Avant-Garde. 

Creative Vanguard.


Laurent Bruyere

Since he was a child, Laurent was keen to discover how things were made, going well beyond the first impression. This curiosity leads him to undertake Biochemistry studies, successfully completed. At the age of 16, during his studies, he approaches the world of perfumery staring at a lady who was mixing ingredients to create an Eau de Cologne.

He began study as a self-taught the greatest fragrances of the past, trying to reproduce and reinterpret them, creating new concepts.

He worked along other creators, like Dominique Ropion, his mentor over the years of collaboration with IFF, creating iconic fragrances.

Dominique Ropion

Dominique Ropion trained at Roure Bertrand Dupont in Grasse, then in Paris before joining Jean-Luc Sieuzac, on of the greatest technicians in perfumery. A star perfumer at IFF, his work stands out thanks to a mix of precision and freedom, to his taste for risk and experimentation. Curious by nature, as perfectionist as watchmaker, he creates his accords in a methodical, patient and precise way. Dominique Ropion likes combining opposites to unveil new equilibriums and surprising formulas. He is a daring, instinctive, yet also very rigorous formulator. A man who is particularly inventive, an extraordinary technician.

Julien Rasquinet

Since a very early age, Julien found in creative arts a way of communicating his feelings and thoughts. He loved to paint, to draw, to design and create costumes for theatre and puppets. But it was only after graduating from business school that he discovered what would become his passion and profession. After a revealing encounter with the famous perfumer Pierre Bourdon, he knew he was destined to creating perfumes. He offered Julien to become his master. During 3 years of intensive training program, Pierre shared with him his creation philosophy, his techniques, his passion. 

Fanny Bal

Fanny Bal is a force of nature. As Dominique Ropion’s apprentice, she has access to the finest raw materials in the industry and some of its best-kept secrets; and yet, she is constantly surprising her seniors, first at ISIPCA, then at IFF, with her own independent initiatives and rigorous experimentation, both testaments to her flourishing talent. Dominique Ropion has said of his pupil that, “curious, tenacious and bold” in both her approach to perfume and as a person, Fanny Bal possesses “all the best qualities to become a great perfumer”. 

Juliette Karagueuzoglou

Since childhood, Juliette detected and described every perfume around her.

“I used my sense of smell more than any other one; since I was a child I knew I would become a perfumer”. 

This intuition reaches when she was 13, visiting the Dior fragrance factory with her aunt, employed by the Company.

After graduating in Chemistry, she enrolled in the IFF perfume school, becoming a Junior perfumer in 2007. Juliette belongs to the new generation of perfumers with their feet firmly on the ground and their noses raised towards the air, ready to explore new fragrances.

Her signature one: few precious raw materials, artfully mixed together to obtain a sensual, dry and distinctive perfume.