Privacy Policy



Beauty San Spa  acknowledges the importance of protecting the information and data that belong to the customers, with regards to both personal information (e.g. identification details) and financial ones (e.g. credit card number).

For this reason, Beauty San Spa guarantees the adoption of specific procedures and safety measures aimed at protecting your information at best.

We inform you that Beauty San Spa does not collect any personal information concerning (and consequently does not accept any online orders from) customers who are underage. So, in case you are an underage customer, please do not enter your personal information, do not buy online on this website and ask instead an adult to perform the necessary procedures for you.

Beauty San Spa reserves its right to modify its own privacy policy and consequently the present policy. Any  updating shell be published on this same site. For this reason, we invite you to consult the present page of the site from time to time.


In order to be informed about the terms and aims of use of your information by Beauty San Spa, kindly note what follows.

With reference to the personal details related to your netsurfing on the website  and your registration.

The present website is managed by Beauty San Spa with its legal seat in Florence, viale Milton, 27, Italy.

The present privacy policy applies to all of the collected personal details, filed or used by Beauty San Spa.


1. Which details are collected by Beauty San Spa?

Beauty San Spa collects the personal details only from the persons who register on the website.


2. How does Beauty San Spa use the collected details?

The Customer who decides to register on our website and clearly gives explicit consent to Beauty San Spa, will receive via e-mail information concerning new Costume National Scents products, contents and events. At any time the Customer can ask to revoke their subscription to Costume National Scents website and the Company shell not send any further information or communication to your e-mail address.


3. Does Beauty San Spa communicate your details to a third party?

Beauty San Spa does not sell, rent, share any personal information concerning its own Customers with entities that do not belong to Beauty San Spa. With the aim of keeping our site working and giving to our Customers both e-commerce and communication services, Beauty San Spa works with selected suppliers. Whenever necessary, your details shell be treated by a third party uniquely with the aim of assisting Beauty San Spa with the supply of the above said services. Please notice the third party is subject to strict contractual privacy duties.

Otherwise, Beauty San Spa does not communicate your details to any third party, unless it is specifically required by law or in the circumstances of a legal action.


4. Safety

Beauty San Spa uses appropriate safety measures with the aim of protecting the filed information. Anyway, although Beauty San Spa uses all of the necessary measures in order to protect the above mentioned details, please note that any details provided via the Internet cannot be completely guaranteed against the unauthorized access of a third party and Beauty San Spa shell not be deemed responsible for any breach of security that is not due to a negligent behaviour of Beauty San Spa.


5. Acceptance of the Privacy Policy

Accessing to and using Costume National Scents website, you consent to the collection of your information as described in the present privacy policy. At any time you have the right to access and obtain the correction or cancellation of all your details in our possession by writing to the following e-mail address:

If you’re already registered on our website and want to cancel your registration and personal information from our database, please click on “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of our newsletter or contact Beauty San Spa.


6. How to contact us

In case you have any comments or questions concerning our privacy policy, please send a e-mail to:



Information concerning online purchases and promotional activities with reference to personal details related to the purchase of Beauty San Spa products and the forwarding of promotional materials

Given the general conditions described in the privacy policy concerning the netsurfing and registration of details on the website, Beauty San Spa wants to share with you the following information on the treatment of the personal details in accordance with art. 13 of the legislative decree 196 dated 30 June 2003 ("Italian code about the protection of the personal details").


1. Source of the details

The personal details treated by Beauty San Spa are directly provided by you in order to complete the online purchase.

In case the above said details should vary as time goes by, please refer to the below address to communicate the possible changes in order for us to have your exact and updated personal details.


2. Aim of details treatment

The provided details should be treated by Beauty San Spa for the following purposes:

a. to complete your purchase request, with reference to the processing of the request as far as the legal, financial, accounting, and fiscal fulfilments related to the purchase;

b. to communicate with you as far as the purchasing  and promotional services;

c. to verify the completeness, validity and correctness of the provided details, also in order to avoid any computer frauds.

Moreover, upon your approval, your details – that may be collected also in case of possible future purchases both online and at our shops – shell be used by Beauty San Spa in order to have an idea of your profile (through the analysis of your product preferences, the frequency of purchases, or your inquires about the purchased products), to carry on activities of both direct mailing and e-mailing with the aim of sending you invitations or notifications concerning our activities and giving you some possible and personalized services. Besides, this will enable Beauty San Spa staff to offer you an accurate and efficient customer care.


3. Terms of treatment

With reference to the mentioned terms, your personal details are collected by telematics means, on safe channels, and are mostly treated through the use of adequately protected electronic instruments or paper.

Furthermore, in case you consent to the filing of your details inside Costume National Scents Customers’ database, the details could be subject to processing, comparison, selection and data mining activities for statistic and market analysis, in a jointed or not-jointed form.


4. Compulsory or optional nature of provided details

In order to complete an online purchase it is necessary to enter the requested details. It follows that if you do not enter them we cannot start, deal with and process the online purchase. The details that are not strictly required in the process of purchasing and completing the order, and that may be used for managing the above mentioned activities of analysis and direct marketing, shell be promptly specified as non mandatory. Even if you do not provide the optional details, we can still process and complete your online purchase.

5. Entities to whom the details may be communicated

Your personal details shell be treated by the person in charge of the transaction business.

Besides, your details might be communicated to a third party, in Italy or abroad, i.e. professional people and staff of service companies that support Beauty San Spa in the management of the transaction (mainly, suppliers of internet services, shipping companies and couriers), banks, as far as the management of the payments and receipts related the purchase, consultants, suppliers of direct-marketing services and IT experts. In any case, the details shell not be spread and transferred to a third party for promotional purposes.

Moreover, in case you authorize Beauty San Spa to enter your details into Beauty San Spa Customers’ database, the details might be used for analysis and direct marketing activities.


6. Rights of the customer

Eventually, we inform you that the article nr. 7 of the legislative decree 196/2003 gives you some specific rights, as person concerned.

In particular, you can obtain from Beauty San Spa the confirmation of the existence of your personal details in the Company database; you can request that your personal details are made intelligibly  available to you, you can request information on the source of the details as well as the logic that regulates the treatment; you can obtain the cancellation, you can ask to be listed as anonymous or block the data treatment in case of violation of law; you can request to update, amend or, if needed, integrate the details; you can also object to the whole or partial treatment for legal reasons.

With reference to the above treatment of personal details, you can exercise your rights and obtain an updated list of the subjects to whom the details have been communicated, by writing to the following address: Beauty San Spa, via Rimini 37, 59100 Prato, Italy or via e-mail to

Moreover, in case you consent to receive promotional materials, at any time you can object free of charge  to the above treatment and ask for cancellation by clicking the "unsubscribe" link to be found at the end of each of our e-mail or by sending an e-mail to


7. Owner and person in charge of the treatment

The owner of the treatment is Beauty San Spa, with legal seat in Florence, viale Milton 27, fiscal code and VAT nr. 04604720484. The responsible for personal details treatment at Beauty San Spa is Mr Gualtiero Valdo, with legal residence at the Company registered address.