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The website is property of: BEAUTY SAN SPA.

www.costumenationalscents.com has been created for sales to physical and juridical entities within the Italian law as for remote agreements.

Sales are regulated by these Terms and Conditions as well as by the specific procedures which are explained in details in the PAYMENT TERMS, DELIVERY INFO and PRIVACY POLICY paragraphs and pages of this website, which have to be considered as an integral and substantial part of sales agreement. Thereby, the Customer is invited, before sending the order, to carefully read the above said sales conditions and the therein enclosed information and to print or save them on another available long-lasting support.

Any possible amendment or new sale conditions shell be promptly pointed out to the Customer. New and amended conditions will come into force from the moment of their publication on this website and will apply only to the sales made after the publication.

The Customer’s submission of the order is valid as an acceptance of the actual sales conditions in force.


How to purchase on the website

Purchasing on www.costumenationalscents.com is very easy:

kindly select the products you want and add them to the cart

kindly enter your details

kindly confirm the order and, in case it is a gift, modify the details by entering the consignee’s ones;

kindly proceed to the check out and payment procedure


Paragraph 1 – General Terms

The present general terms apply to all “Costume National Scents” online sales that happen on the website www.costumenationalscents.com .

The access to this on line sales service, as illustrated in the present General Terms, is allowed only to consumers (hereafter called “Customers” or “Customer”) who are natural persons of age (or, if underage, authorized by their legal guardian), who act with aims not related to their commercial, handcraft, business or professional activity. 

The available languages to finalize the contract on the website are Italian or English.

The Customer is compelled to carefully read the General Terms at disposal on the Website in order to be  informed about it, save it and reproduce it in accordance with the article 12, paragraph 3 of Legislative Decree 70 dated 9 April 2003 (“Affecting of Legislation 2000/31/CE concerning to some legal aspects of services supplied by information society in internal market, with special reference e-commerce” – hereafter “E-commerce Decree”). Contracts finalized with Beauty San Spa on the Website are regulated by Italian Law and, in detail, by Legislative Decree 206 dated 6 September 2005 (hereafter, “Code Consumption”) and by the E-commerce Decree. The seller is Beauty San Spa, with legal seat in Viale Giovanni Milton, 27 – 50129 Florence – Italy, VAT number and fiscal code 04604720484, REA FI – 464680 and offices in via Rimini, 37 – 59100 – Prato – Italy.  Before submitting the order, Customers have to make sure they read and understood the purchasing instructions and the General Terms, as those will be binding after contract finalization.


Paragraph 2 - Conclusion of the Agreement

The order which the Customer submits to Beauty San Spa has to be completed in each of its parts and it has to include the necessary information to identify both the Customer and the ordered products as well as the delivery address, otherwise it shell not be considered valid. Beauty San Spa shell send to the Customer, via e-mail, a confirmation of the order containing a reference to the sale conditions in force. In accordance with Article 53 of Consumption Code, at the time of order confirmation or agreement implementation Beauty San Spa will send an email to the Customer with General Terms recap, purchased products’ characteristics, detailed information about price, payment methods and shipping costs, conditions and modality of right of withdrawal, Beauty San Spa contacts to notify a claim, information on customer care and end user guarantee. The Customer is required to carefully and immediately  read the email content and notify to Beauty San Spa possible mistakes or omissions. Reserve the data usage as described in the Privacy Policy and subject to the Customer explicit acceptance, the order submission and the Customer’s information related to the order proposal will be filed by Beauty San Spa over the period required by current regulations.


Paragraph 3 – Availability and Delivery

Beauty San Spa commits itself to accept the orders according to the stocks of available goods. Peculiar occurrences arising, Beauty San Spa could not be able to guarantee the availability of all of the offered products and therefore it should not be deemed responsible for the temporary unavailability of one or more products.

The order which the Customer sends counts also for the acceptance of a possible partial delivery, limited to the available products amongst the ordered ones, as well as for the renunciation of claiming for any damages and/or compensations accordingly. However, Beauty San Spa commits itself, according to law, to promptly inform the Customer of the possible unavailability of the ordered product.

On condition that, despite our supervision, the product should be temporarily not available at the moment of payment confirmation, Beauty San Spa reserves the possibility to suggest an item of same quality and price as a replacement, without charging any additional costs to the Customer. Should that not be possible, or should the Customer not want any replacement, they could decide whether to wait for the new availability or to cancel the order, without any additional costs whatsoever.

On the contrary, in case of permanent unavailability, should it not be possible to supply an item of same quality and price, the order will be automatically cancelled  and the Customer will be immediately refunded.

Beauty San Spa delivers the product or the products ordered by the Customer according to article 5 and to the conditions clearly stated in that part of the present website named "Dispatches".


Paragraph 4 – Prices and Payment Terms

The prices shown on www.costumenationalscents.com are in Euro and include VAT. Freight costs are excluded.

The purchase prices are the ones which the site shows when the Customer orders. The prices of the various products are susceptible to change, so, the prices the site shows from time to time cancel and substitute the ones  previously shown. The price of the purchased products, together with the cost of Customer’s home delivery, shell be paid by the Customer at the moment of the online order through credit card or PayPal account. The fiscal documentation shell be issued by Beauty San Spa at the moment of the delivery. As per invoice emission reference will be made to details entered by the Customer upon ordering. No change in the invoice will be possible after the emission.

Beauty San Spa allows payments by credit card and PayPal account only. The Customer can easily pay online by credit card (Carta SÌ, Visa, MasterCard), prepaid  card i.e. PostePay and PayPal. Entering credit card number on the Internet is absolutely safe thanks to PayPal payment system.

After having submitted the requested data and having agreed to the terms of sale, the Customer is redirected to PayPal website, where they can choose among the payment methods listed.


PayPal safe webpage includes:

- amount to be paid

- Fields to be filled in, as card type, card number and expiration date

- Button to confirm or cancel the payment

It shell be sufficient to fill in the fields and confirm the payment sending details of the card (in a cryptographic and consequently safe way) to PayPal and after authorization and accounting phases, an operation outcome webpage will open.

For the Customer’s safety, Beauty San Spa never knows the number of the credit card: indeed, it is received only by PayPal that has to give the authorization to proceed with the payment; Beauty San Spa is forwarded the result of the authorization only. So, any details concerning the credit card shell not be written on the documents concerning the order, nor stored inside our systems or courier’s ones.


Paragraph 5 - Dispatches

The deliveries take place via Express Courier only . Deliveries to post office boxes are not accepted.

The freight costs depend on the order amount. Shipping costs are available at the following link:

The delivery usually takes place within 48/72 hours as per Europe from the moment when the courier accepts it. Note that these schedules are indicated by express courier and we cannot guarantee  them even if from experience they are quite accurate.

The delivery takes place from Monday to Friday during the usual working hours.
In case the courier should not be able to deliver the goods due to consignee’s absence, after two tries, they should leave a shipping notice containing the address to contact in order to schedule a new delivery. 
Beauty San Spa shell make all its best to have the products delivered to the consumer within the above mentioned terms. The consumer is invited to contact e-shop@costumenationalscents.com in case of delays in the delivery schedule and anyway to point out any inefficiency. Beauty San Spa is not accountable for delays that are unpredictable and/or  to be attributed to the Courier only. In any case, except for acts of God or accidents in accordance with article 54 of Consumption Code, products will be delivered within maximum 30 days from the day after contract finalization in accordance with article 2.


Paragraph 6 – Right of Withdrawal

According to the legislative decree nr. 185 dated May 22nd 1999, the Customer deserves to withdraw from the agreement without any penalties and without specifying the reason, within 10 days from the delivery of the goods, according to fair-trade practices and good faith, upon written communication to be forwarded to: Beauty San Spa  Via Rimini 37 - 59100 PRATO, ITALY. In the communication the Customer has to specify which product/s they want to exercise the withdrawal for. The written communication, to be sent via certified mail, has to contain:

·      The expression of the will of exercise the benefits granted by law.

·      The indication of the purchased product.

·      A copy of the original sale letter which you have to own.

·      Item code/s, in case of partial withdrawal.

·      Bank details for the transfer (IBAN Code – purchaser account).


Freight costs only should be requested. The withdrawal works only with the goods which are intact at the moment they are returned.

According to law, Beauty San, on the basis of a specific agreement with the Customer, should see to refund the paid amount or replace the product with another one by consensus of the Customer.

The withdrawal cannot be accepted in case the product is not intact, i.e.:

  • in absence of the original packaging;
  • in absence of integral elements of the product (accessories, gifts, etc);
  • if the products are damaged.

The withdrawal applies to consumers only (i.e. physical entities who do not purchase the goods for purposes of professional, commercial or business activities), so it cannot be exercised by legal entities nor physical ones who act for purposes connected to their possible professional activity.

The cost for the return of the product are charged to the Customer.


Paragraph 7 – Return of Damaged Goods

In case of delivery of an item which has been damaged during transportation, the Customer does not bear the costs, since goods travel at our own risk. Anyway, in case of damage we kindly ask the Customer to help us improving our service by accepting the parcels with a reservation.


Paragraph 8 – Guarantees and Responsibility

Beauty San Spa, within the bounds of availability as written above, guarantees the delivery of products that are equal to the ones shown and described in the website. Beauty San Spa guarantees the authenticity of the products.

Manufacturer’s responsibility is valid for all of the sold products. In case of packed products, the manufacturer is responsible also for the truth and completeness of the instructions shown on the packages. The images on the site are shown to the Customer in order to make the identification of the products easier.


Any possible claims should be forwarded to the following address e-shop@costumenationalscents.com.


Paragraph 9 – Disputes and Law in Force

The civil disputes concerning the application, carrying out and reading of the remote sale agreement are subject to the Italian courts and Florence Tribunal should be the place of jurisdiction. The remote agreements with Beauty San Spa are regulated by the Italian law and, as for the rest, the law on the subject is valid.