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pop collection
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pop collection

A Pop and Chic Fragrance

PoP Collection is a minimal and refined fragrance. Its unique character originates from the perfect balance between the apparent familiarity of the notes of pink grapefruit, raspberry, rose, jasmine and patchouli and their superior quality.

The bottle unexpectedly reveals vivid colors and a pop chic allure.

Sensual intensity blends with elegance and charm to create a strong and extremely feminine character, which proves to be pop and chic at the same time.


sophistication and simplicity

coexist in perfect balance



pop chic

The Fragrance

An amazing scent is the result of the collaboration between Costume National and Master Perfumer Dominique Ropion.


pink grapefruit

The exceptional quality of the components combined with Ropion's extraordinary talent for enhancing in unusual ways the most common row materials, led to a unique olfactory creation: an intriguing and familiar trail playing with vivid tones and bright shades.



Sparkling notes of pink grapefruit and raspberry pulp blended with blackcurrant absolute make a joyful and energizing top.

A floral heart of rose and jasmine makes the scene with grace and charm, disclosing a strong and extremely feminine character.

Patchouli heart, amber gris and cashmeran wrap the bouquet with warmth, mystery and depth, reveling a sensual intensity.







A Pop-Chic Dressed Perfume

The bottle, Ennio Capasa's sculpture reproduced in glass, is now painted in 4 different colors - turquoise, orange, red, royal blue - but hidden by the white box.

The box is though enriched by 4 colored little squares that announce a surprise: the color of your bottle will be revealed only when you open the box!

Can't help hunting all the colors and create your own pop collection!

Pop Collection is available as:
Eau de parfum 100 ml
Eau de parfum 50 ml
Eau de parfum 30 ml

Buy pop collection

The peculiarity of PoP Collection is that the color of the bottle is a surprise, so you can't choose the color of the bottle you are purchasing. If you want to be sure you have the whole collection, buy 4 PoP Collections of the same size!



The Costume National Scents Gift Card allows your beloved ones to discover and experience the whole collection of fragrances by Costume National and choose the one they really love. In deed, together with the Gift Card of the value of € 110, they will receive a free Discovery Kit with the samples of 9 fragrances (Soul, Cyber Garden, So Nude eau de parfum, Scent Intense, So Nude eau de toilette, PoP Collection, Homme, Scent, 21) treasured in a beautiful Costume National shoulder bag.
The Costume National Scents Gift Card may be redeemed on the website within one year from the date of issue. The amount must be spent in one single on line purchase with products of your choice.

We are pleased to offer free shipping on all Gift Card orders!

Discover the complete collection of Costume National Scents

through the Discovery Kit

You will receive the samples of all of our fragrances treasured into an elegant shoulder bag.

Discovery Kit & Shoulder Bag



If you wish to purchase a Costume National 100 ml fragrance within 2 months after ordering the Discovery Kit, its price will be refunded from your online purchase. The refunding code will be specified on your Discovery Kit order confirmation.

Discovery Kit & Beauty Case


  • Black or grey Costume National beauty case
  • Fragrance samples 1,5 ml: Soul, Cyber Garden, So Nude eau de parfum, So Nude eau de toilette, Scent Intense, PoP Collection, Homme, Scent, 21


If you wish to purchase a Costume National 100 ml fragrance within 2 months after ordering the Discovery Kit, its price will be refunded from your online purchase. The refunding code will be specified on your Discovery Kit order confirmation.

screen tests

To celebrate the success of this fragrance, CoSTUME NATIONAL created a work of art: ten artistic videos to be used as a revolutionary communications medium. Filmed with a Super8 camera, these analogical videos stand as a provocative alternative to nowadays digital technology.

CoSTUME NATIONAL screen tests reproduce the same pattern and experimental concept of those filmed by Andy Warhol. Nonetheless the new interpretation of the director Beltrand Le Pluard includes unexpected color variations, which add strength and timeless energy to the work.

With much vitality and a provocative style, ten screen tests draw characters from the world of art, fashion, music, cinema and literature: the new pop generation. Ten exceptional personalities were chosen for their charisma and their personal approach to pop culture in all areas, revealing their unexpected side with purity and spontaneity.

Kira Lillie

Jeanne Damas

Cyril Duval

Andy Bradin

Alizé Meurisse

Our Mountain

Tamara Kaboutchek

Roxane Mesquida

Mae Lapres

Mother Feather

Worldwide Licensee

Beauty San S.p.A.
p.iva/c.f. 04604720484
Reg. Impr. FI N. F1017 - 67882
REA n.464680 (FI)
capitale sociale € 2.700.00 int.vers.
Via Rimini, 37 – 59100 Prato
Sede legale: Viale G. Milton, 27 50129 - Firenze
Tel. +39 0574 43891
Fax +39 0574 438940

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